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Flag Format
The flags are composed of three parts:
    1) Six characters of random alphanumeric, followed by #
    2) Vaccine compound. This part can contain alphanumeric characters and hyphen (-)
    3) Zero padding until the flag's length becomes 41 characters
Three parts of the flag will be concatenated and enclosed in flag{xxx}
For example, flag{A1B2C3#Vaccine-Compound-10000000000000000}

Flag Submission
Only submit the part of the flag inside the braces { }.

For example, from the flag above, flag{A1B2C3#Vaccine-Compound-1000000000000000},
you will only submit A1B2C3#Vaccine-Compound-1000000000000000

Rules and Regulations
Please follow the Code of Conduct and Ethical Agreement while participating in the challenge.
Please follow the Rules and Eligibility while participating in the challenge.